Frequently Asked Questions

Will the nominee be informed of his/her nominator?

  • Only if the nominee asks the committee will he/she be informed of the nominator. Nominators who wish to remain anonymous must click the box on the nomination form to remain anonymous.


There are several of us that wish to nominate the same person, what’s the best way to do that?

  • The committee suggests that each person submit their own nomination for this individual.  The committee takes into account when one individual receives multiple nominations, but emphasizes the quality of nominations when voting.


Do the nominees find out in advance of the event that they are the winner?

  • Award recipients will be announced at the event in March.  See the home page for details about the event.


If I am nominated for an award, will you alert my supervisor?

  • Yes, supervisors will be notified.


Does everyone that’s been nominated receive an invitation to the event?

  • Employees who have been nominated for an award will receive a written notification, which will include the date and time of the event. We encourage you to brag and invite your colleagues to attend along with you.